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Back in Europe! 

I'm back in Europe for the tail end of summer and fall. Playing shows all over Estonia, Spain, Portugal, and Finland.  Even bringing the band over for a full week in Helsinki.  Check the tour dates for details! 


Euro-Tour 2022 

Back in Europe with gigs in Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Norway and Finland! Check out the tour page for details. 


PRS Sponsorship!! 

Absolutely thrilled to announce that I am working with PRS Guitars now.  Some of the finest instruments on the planet. Huge thanks to Rich and the entire team over at PRS. Keep em comin! 


More Gigs in Europe! 

Kicking off some gigs tonight in Europe. Starting off in Germany, then I'll be heading to Austria, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Norway, and Denmark.  Check out the tour page for all the details. 


Germany & Austria 

Heading back to the land of Schnitzel and Schiele. Got some gigs in Dresden, Munich, Salzburg, and Vienna. See you there!


Guatemala Gigs! 

Headed down to sunny Guatemala for a few gigs at my new brewery, Cerveceria Catorce. Who's up for a volcano jam session? 


Back in Estonia for some Christmas Magic 

I'll be touring through Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Austria and Spain over the holidays.  Come join me for a glass of Glögg and a few tunes.  Check out the tour page for details! 



Blue Vinyl Available Now 

The new record has now been pressed onto a beautiful translucent blue vinyl. (oh my!)  Available in limited quantities, only at the official website store.

Click here to check them out!