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Had a blast the past 2 days with the whole KRVO crew in Montana: Radway, Charene, Paul and Brew. It was a tough 10 hour drive down to Boise today, but fortunately I still had the remnants of a Darth Maul face painting to entertain everyone I passed on the highway. Cold Smoke and Hornitos. Great Combo. Charene, I'm sorry I got you sick. Rest up. I'll be back soon.

KPND Pint Night 

Had a great show last night with all my friends at KPND.  Played for th KPND Pint Night at Bottle Bay.  Enjoyed some Laughing Dog Beer, and finally got to chill with Johnny Knight.  Afrterwards, the always thirtsy Glenn Lefebvre took me out in Sandpoint.  I'm still recovering.

Lost on The East Coast 

 Well.  I've found it very difficult to upddate my blog a lot on this tour.  Just a quick recap, and you'll understand why:

Things started out great in Akron.  I was on 91.3 The Summit talking about the new record, then rolled down to Columbus to spend time with Maggie at WCBE.  Had a great show at the Rumba Cafe, then things kinda fell apart.  Heading back to my rental tour van at 1 am, I noticed a window was smashed, and my latpop was gone, along with some other items close to my heart.  So, I've been dealing with insurance since then, hoping to get some of my items back.

Anyhow, I've traveled to DC, NJ and Baltimore since then.  Stopping off at WBJB, WTMD, Frontpage and The Saint along the way.  Currently resting up in DC, before I head to Charlottesville tomorrow.  Hope to have more to report soon....

Inland Northwest Tour 

I've been havning a blast traveling around through Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Hangin out with all my friends at KPND and KRVO has been amazing.  Jamming for hours with "The Left" in Whitefish, Montana was a great rush.  So much fun playing with such amazing musicians.  I've finally finished mixing the new record, and almost done with the artwork.  Hoping to have evertyhing out and available by mid-July.  The first single is "I Don't Miss You."  Check out a live, acoustic version from my KPND on-air at

European Journal - Day 7 (March 29) 

Last day recording here in Manchester.  We got some killer pedal steel recordings from Jon Graboff (Ryan Adams, Norah Jones).  He sounds amazing on "Wander Back to You."  Can't wait to get these tracks out to everyone! Also managed to record two cover songs.  They may go on the record, or I may just post them on my website for free. Either way, they sound great. Off to Denmark tomorrow for some shows with Brad...

European Journal - Day 6 (March 28) 

Finished up lead and backing vocals in the studio today.  Tomorrow is our last day, so we'll do a couple edits, and maybe even throw in a cover or two.  Hmmm.  Maybe Beatles, being so close to Liverpool.  I've also been in a VU mood recently.  Hmmmm.

European Journal - Day 5 (March 27) 

Spent the weekend touching up lyrics for "Dangerous Destination" and "I Don't Miss You."  Recording lead and backing vocals tomorrow and Tuesday, along with a few other instrument additions. Then it's off to Denmark for some shows.  Hoping to have some rough mixes to share with you later this week!

European Journal - Day 3 (March 22) 

Spent most of the day working on guitar and bass, with a bit of vocals thrown in.  Picking up a slight cold though, so trying to fight that off. This UK weather must be gettin to me.