Lost on The East Coast

 Well.  I've found it very difficult to upddate my blog a lot on this tour.  Just a quick recap, and you'll understand why:

Things started out great in Akron.  I was on 91.3 The Summit talking about the new record, then rolled down to Columbus to spend time with Maggie at WCBE.  Had a great show at the Rumba Cafe, then things kinda fell apart.  Heading back to my rental tour van at 1 am, I noticed a window was smashed, and my latpop was gone, along with some other items close to my heart.  So, I've been dealing with insurance since then, hoping to get some of my items back.

Anyhow, I've traveled to DC, NJ and Baltimore since then.  Stopping off at WBJB, WTMD, Frontpage and The Saint along the way.  Currently resting up in DC, before I head to Charlottesville tomorrow.  Hope to have more to report soon....

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