Genghis Cohen Show

 So I played a fun set last night at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles.  Then I noticed that my fly was down. The whole time. No wonder I sold so many CD's. 

Inland NW Shows

Been having a great time on the road. Played a beautiful outdoor show with Ben Fuller for KPND in Sandpoint, ID.  Gorgeous city.  So glad I got to spend a couple days there.  Last night I shared the stage with…

Tour Journal, Day 14 - Outer Banks, NC

Was nice sleeping in my own bed last night.......but then up at 6am to drive to the Outer Banks for an interview and performance on WVOD.  Had a great time in the studio with Matt, Jason, Wanda, Penny, Daryl…

Tour Journal, Day 13 - Norfolk, VA

Up at 6am to drive to Norfolk.  Wasn't too happy about that, but made it to WRRW in Williamsburg in time for the interview.  Had a great time with Ed in the studio.  Played 3 songs live, and even hosted…

Tour Journal, Day 11 - Easton, MD

Woke up in Arlington and hopped a ride with my good friend Sherry over to the Eastern Shore.  I'd never been to Easton before, so I walked around the city a bit, then headed to the Night Cat for sound…

Tour Journal Day 12 - Charlottesville, VA

Ahhh.  So much fun being back in Charlottesville.  I went to school here for 4 years, so drunken memories abound.  Woke up at Brian's house, and headed straight to Bodo's.  After a little flirting with the cashier, picked up…

Tour Journal, Day 10 - Arlington, VA

Had a nice relaxing day in Arlington yesterday.  Picked up some Corn Pops from Harris Teeter, watched my Arrested Development DVD's all day,  and spent the night catching up with my longtime friend Brett. Packin it up now, and headed…

Tour Journal, Day 9 - Towson, MD

Headed out to WTMD in Towson, Maryland early yesterday morning.  Spent some time at the radio station, then took a train ride into Arlington, VA.  Finally had some time off, so I slept all evening and night.

Tour Journal, Day 8 - Lincroft & Keyport, NJ

Ah.  Yesterday was a fine day. Woke up and had a nice run, a free breakfast at Costco, then headed over to WBJB. Had a great interview with Rich Robinson, and played 2 live songs on-air, "Far From You,"…

Tour Journal, Day 7 - Albany & NYC, NY

Had a fun filled day in the state of New York.  Started out at WEXT in Albany.  Spent some quality time with Chris and Valerie, then headed down to NYC.  Braved the traffic and rain in the city, and finally…

Tour Journal, Day 6 - Conway, NH

Ahhh. Good times in the Atlantic NorthEast.  (Do people say that?)  After we checked into our hotel, we walked across the street to a steakhouse. Got pretty banged up at the bar, then took a midnight stroll through the cemetary…

Tour Journal, Day 5 - Martha's Vineyard

Woke up today to a wonderful breakfast in Woods Hole, MA.  Hopped a ferry over to Martha's Vineyard at 10am, then drove over to see Barbara over at WMVY. Had a great time at the station, then walked around…