"Pristine production, pro musicianship and overall consistency make an impression here."
-Music Connection Magazine

"[Sharif] could sing the phone book and it would sound awesome."
-Shane Adams, Berklee College of Music

"A silky voice, cheerful melodies, creative musicianship, and steadfast songwriting make Kisses and Lies a well-rounded, enduring record from beginning to end."
-All Access Magazine

"[Kisses and Lies is] an often moving, overwhelmingly pleasing, well-constructed album."
-Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Heads-up to romantic pop lovers!"
-Pasadena Weekly

"My clothes seemed to just fall off while listening to Sharif's new record, Kisses and Lies."
-DC101 DJ Bailey

"Sharif has honed his skills as an emotive performer that sheds all inhibitions with the vulnerable and excellent slice of pop."
-Gobbler's Knob

"Sharif unleashes his soul in his latest album."
-Celebrity Cafe

"Sharif’s material is as bittersweet in tone as his crafted vocals, infusing bright, poppy guitar riffs and drum lines into irresistible, confident pop music."

"I can't believe you read all my press quotes. You rock!"