1. Fatal Love


She hides the devil in her lips
With a cherry coated grin
And I’m immune to all her tricks
Til the whiskey nods his head

She was waiting outside
Like stormy weather
All the thoughts in my mind
Couldn’t pull my heart from all this fatal love

She reads the language from my eyes
But the colors don’t shine through
Now what I show is not a lie
But what I keep is not the truth

Now she’s headed outside
To story weather
All the thoughts in her mind
Couldn’t pull her heart away from all this fatal love

We pour the sin into the night
Just to stir the angel voices
And like a cigarette and shot
We’re the perfect pair of poisons

Now we’re headed outside
Like rain and thunder
All the thoughts in our minds
Couldn’t pull our hearts away from
All this fatal love inside of every drop of us